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Ao1's LIFEGuard Program is a teen program that cultivates Leadership, Inspiration, Fellowship, and Excellence. LIFEGuards is available for all Ao1 students between the ages 13-18. LIFEGuards serve as teen leaders and volunteers throughout the session, from running auditions warm ups and rehearsal check in to serving as a stagehand during tech week and performances. LIFEGuards are essential to Ao1, and we love seeing our teens step into leadership roles and letting God's light shine through them.

  • Challenge and grow a community of our youth

  • Pursue excellence in all they do

  • Understanding servant leadership and inspire youth



  • Be a disciple of Christ

  • Students ages 13-18

  • Demonstrate a desire to lead and inspire younger children, other youth and Ao1 families

  • Willingness to serve within the community

  • Commitment of one year

  • Come ready to have a BLAST!

LIFEGuard Service Project - Fall 2021

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LIFEGuard Service Project - Fall 2021

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LIFEGuard Service Project - Fall 2021

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LIFEGuard Service Project - Fall 2021

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For our fall 2021 outreach project, our Ao1 LIFEGuards collected, packaged, and delivered bedding and stuffies for over 50 homeless or dislocated children through Sweet Dreams in a Bag.


Meet Wendy

LIFEGuard Director

Wendy Gossett has been with Ao1 since 2021 as the Set Painting Coordinator and Life Guard Leader! She has been working with kids her entire life as a teacher, parent and family coach.


She has been a dog mom, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, triathlete, skier, 14er climber, biker, pickleball player, professional singer and actor, author, speaker, and drama coach (she still has Macbeth’s head in her crawl space). She is a wife and mother to two kids who are as different as Bob Ross and the Black Widow. Since her daughter, Jordan, was her opposite, they struggled to connect. She spent over a decade researching and documenting case studies to create a best-selling parenting book entitled, Your Child’s Inner Drive. Her calling is to truly see people and to help them see themselves.

In 2019, she decided to humiliate her teenage son, Nathan, by dancing to the Back Street Boys in a Colorado blizzard while stranded on the Interstate. As a result, she is in the 1% of all humans who have gone viral all over the world.