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  • Prepare a one minute monologue and one minute song

  • Song and monologue may not come from the show for which you are auditioning

  • Prepare pieces that show off your range and abilities and you feel great about performing


  • Directors, staff and fellow auditionees are rooting for you. We are all pulling for you to do your very best!

  • Everyone who auditions for SpotLight, StageLight, and NightLight is in the show. We do not cut from these 3 productions

  • Detailed audition information will be sent for the MoonLight and NightLight productions

If the prospect of an audition is too overwhelming and a deal breaker for your child, you may forgo an audition and be placed directly in the ensemble.

Looking for more detailed audition information? Please read our helpful tips here.

Looking for audition help?
We've got you covered!

Audition Feedback

Audition Feedback sessions are an opportunity for our young actors to meet one-on-one with their directors and receive personal feedback directly related to their last audition. Directors will discuss scores and encourage students in areas of continued development, song choices, etc. These sessions are designed to equip students for future auditions.


(An email will be sent out during the session to sign up for Feedback.)

We are so excited to see you

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