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ABOUt us

Our Objectives

Our goal here at Audience of One Youth Theater is to:​

Develop children's gifts and talents.

Encourage and help facilitate families to serve others.

Lead with integrity inspired by Biblical Truth

Be a shining light to glorify God, on and off stage.



Our Mission

We are a youth theater company that honors Christ - OUR Audience of One!

We are a positive, uplifting, Christ-centered community that provides students ages 5 to 18 the opportunity to participate in exceptional theater education and productions regardless of experience.

We welcome ALL families.

We employ experienced, credentialed Artistic Directors who are passionate about teaching children.

We inspire and develop lifelong Godly character and leadership skills in our youth.



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Our experience at Audience of One has been life changing in a lot of ways.  Our daughter has developed confidence and lifelong friendships.  This has been a wonderful place for her to learn, grow, and feel like a part of the theater community.

- Heather h, Parent

Ao1 for 10 years, while I was growing up, was a safe space for me to explore theater as well as express myself in various art forms to glorify God. I was given real world theater situations, (auditions, callbacks) but knowing that it was a place to grow and not having the same intense pressures I’ve felt in other such places. All while together making beautiful art and expressions with kids from all different places in life and backgrounds. Ao1 has had a special place in my heart and forever will.

- Maia T, Student

The people here embrace you with open arms –they’re excited to have you, regardless of your mistakes or flaws. But they will also encourage you to grow –both as a person and in theater. I see how accepted people feel here, it really is like a family. 


What happens in this theater company matters, and it goes beyond just performing. This is a place where friendships are made, and where I personally have found some of my closest friends. It’s a place where kids can escape from whatever they are dealing with and just focus on having fun doing something they love. For the past couple of years dealing with covid, this has been a bright light in my life, and often one of the only things I had to look forward to in the week. It’s a place that I feel at home.


 I will never forget the way this place shaped me.

- Bella C, Student

I love the quality productions Ao1 puts on and the caring directors who make them possible. The directors truly make every cast member feel welcome, cared for and seen; taking the time to learn everyone by name! The performances themselves are also outstanding, with the details of each show making them feel completely individual and magical in all ways!

- Lily E, Parent
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