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Ao1 Scholarship Policy

It is Ao1’s goal to make Ao1 accessible to as many children as possible. Requests for Audience of One (“Ao1”) scholarships are accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis from any family currently experiencing financial hardship. The amount of scholarships available is limited and families must resubmit requests for scholarships each session.

Scholarships are need-based; they are provided to assist in payment of tuition only. Ao1’s standard scholarship is 50% of the total tuition cost. Applicants must be willing to submit financial information in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Applicants must submit a written petition addressed to the Ao1 Executive Director for all scholarship considerations 2 weeks prior to auditions. (Families asking for more than 50% must petition the Board of Directors for consideration and may be required to submit more detailed financial documents.) All scholarship applications should be sent to Ao1’s Executive Director, who will then forward all scholarship applications to the Board of Directors for consideration.

The attached Tuition Scholarship Application must be submitted along with a completed registration and the  required 50% deposit per child. If the scholarship request is denied for any reason, each applicant has five days after notification of denial to request a refund of the tuition deposit per child. After this five-day period has expired, the tuition deposit per child will be considered non-refundable.

The balance of any tuition owed will be due on or before the auditions. Payment programs are available if needed.
Please contact Ao1’s Financial Director for details regarding available payment programs. All submitted scholarship applications and financial information will be kept confidential. Scholarship awards are non-transferable.

This policy is subject to change at any time without additional notice.

Sarah's Hope Scholarship

This scholarship is given with love and blessings to the recipient of Ao1’s choice, in honor of Sarah Cadol and the life-changing experiences she had for nearly a decade at the Audience of One Youth Theater Company. The scholarship name, Sarah’s Hope, has two meanings. First, the name “Hope” was the name of the character she played in what was to be Sarah’s final show at Ao1, “Anything Goes.” Due to the pandemic, the show was cancelled, despite the gallant efforts made by Ao1’s leadership team to keep the lights on. Second, the name “Hope” is important to Sarah, because that’s the spirit in which this scholarship is given. Sarah hopes this scholarship blesses the recipients as much as she was blessed by Ao1. Sarah started Ao1 when when was 8. Her final show was to be just prior to her 18th birthday. During her time at Ao1, Sarah made incredible friendships, and she learned important life lessons. She learned self-confidence, teamwork, singing, dancing, acting, public speaking skills, and the value of perseverance and hard work. At the same time, she learned that the greatest gift you can give others is to shine God’s light. She also learned that God is working with, through, and for all of us at all times, even when sometimes we don’t feel it. With this in mind, we give Sarah’s Hope Scholarship once every spring and once every fall to a child in need, so that they too may experience the great life lessons and blessings unique to Audience of One Youth Theater.

Please complete the Ao1 scholarship application form and attach an essay sharing your need and reason
you desire to be a part of Ao1 to apply for the Sarah’s Hope scholarship.

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